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Born in England, Peter Jackson moved to Holland when he was still a teenager and became involved in stage lighting there. He worked for a while in the Municipal Theatre of Arnhem and subsequently toured with drama and opera in Holland. During this time he was asked to design the lighting for Studio Hinderik's productions of "Glass", "Train" and "Sandpit". It was also in Holland where he became involved with Eurythmy, the dance form created by Rudolf Steiner and has been lighting for all the world's main Eurythmy Ensembles ever since.
After moving to Germany in 1989 he designed Opera and Drama as well as touring worldwide with numerous Eurythmy productions. In 1995 he formed, with some colleagues, the company Prometheus Lighting and worked as a free lance lighter and designer up until 2005 when he started to work for the Goetheanum in Dornach Switzerland. His most recent work includes the Lighting Design for Rudolf Steiner's Four Mystery Plays, as well as many Eurythmy productions including 'Lamentate' for the co-production of the Goetheanum with the Eurythmeum Stuttgart, 'Kalevala' in Helsinki, and most recently Kanceli's 'Time and Again'
In 2011 Peter became free lance once more , he still lives in Switzerland where he divides his time between lighting design, touring and, more recently, developing lighting boards.

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